“Walk a mile in my shoes”

“Walk a Mile in My Shoes” by Joe South

A Regretful Acknowledgment

I don’t need to, and I’m not required by law or aware of any statute, but I want to issue an apology to any investor who lost money in any of my ventures. There weren’t that many, but still.

This includes family and friends who quickly became estranged family and ex-friends. They were eager to make a return on their investment along with knowing the level of risk. As grown-ups, consequences need to be accepted. Nonetheless, I was humbled by their faith in my endeavours and I can’t shake that feeling that I let them down.

Staff were not immune

I still feel badly about a couple of late payrolls and tax remittances during the worst cash crunch. Dealing with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) can be frightening.

It’s not easy running a complex venture as a major restaurant under most difficult times and I wonder how they would have handled my situation.

Walk a mile in my shoes (1.60934 KM in Canada).