Failure can play havoc with your feelings, especially in business. You feel like a loser and motivation suffers.

“I’m a loser.”

“I’m a loser” by The Beatles

The people you know

The people around you, even family members and close friends, can add to this. Not berating yourself is paramount. A negative attitude can hinder your ability to regroup and rebound. If you get down on yourself, it’s important not to let it fester.

Don’t completely disregard it though as it’s a normal response that is best used as a building block.  Make it an incentive to correct your missteps.  Add it to your life experience.  Look at any professional athlete who has dealt with adversity and grown in response.

Stay on your feet

Life can be cruel and entering the entrepreneurial arena will only enhance chances that you will encounter setbacks. Overcoming these obstacles in business is part of the learning process. You may get knocked down, just don’t let it knock you out.