“I’ll drive my car without the brakes”

“Mountain At My Gates” by Foals

Possessing fearlessness is a must when starting and operating a restaurant. Or any business for that matter. Being scared is a no-go. Instead of braking for corners, the turns need to be negotiated at a high rate of speed as the food-service speedway is travelled. There are no speed limits.

Keep your eyes on the road


Food trends, business pressures, and staff issues are ever present. Slow as you go may leave you lagging behind. But watch out for the sharp shoulders with a severe drop-off; problems must be tackled promptly to avoid a mishap. The potential for a monetary pitfall is always prevalent.

The exhilaration of driving on the edge can be an endorphin. It can conversely cloud your thinking which results in rash judgement calls. This is exciting until a financial accident occurs.