How many times has a restaurateur pondered opening a second restaurant when his current one is successful? 

Indeed, there are countless restaurant “groups” with a number of restaurants in their family. Obviously, an owner needs to have good staff that allows him to leave the first restaurant to work and focus on the next one. 

Improve on a good idea

My restaurant was a blueprint of the first one owned by my mentor, but it was developed with the necessary changes that were warranted by a different setting.  My restaurant was much larger, and I had a bar. We also made changes to the menu and service to accommodate a different kitchen as the original didn’t have a broiler or deep-fryer. 

I implemented further improvements to the menu and offerings. The level of service was able to be elevated as well. 

This isn’t easy

Success doesn’t carry over to another establishment automatically, even if the first one has achieved critical acclaim. Case in point, Godfather 3.

Sometimes a restaurateur just wants to try a different concept, but there are no guarantees of success.