It’s not unusual that the key players in these two industries became so intertwined.

A logical move for celebrities?

Celebrities often look for business opportunities and the pull of the restaurant scene is too enticing to be ignored. There is still that thing about owing your own restaurant or bar. It also helps with marketing the business if an owner is famous. Paparazzi love to check out celebrities dining out and customers get a kick out of mingling with them.

Name recognition is powerful in an industry that is considered entertainment. And when a celebrity is pondering investment options, the attraction is tasty. They think it’s going to be fun too. At least it may be for them.

Jack Dempsey’s Broadway Restaurant is a perfect example of utilizing the prominence of a sports legend. The heavyweight boxing champion was present many nights to schmooze the patrons.

The allurement is strong

The reasons celebrities partner with a restaurant are many. I would imagine that other than they have the funds to invest, the draw to be involved in the dynamics of foodservice is strong. It is a form of entertainment and the ability to promote the business using their status is a given. There is that something about owning a restaurant and/or bar that is tantalizing.

The tables have turned

Conversely, with the advent of The Food Network, chefs & restaurateurs have become celebrities. Who doesn’t want to hype their business and career on a powerful and far-reaching medium?

Restaurateurs were already celebrities of a sort with a limited audience. The exposure brings notoriety and revenue. Plus, they can hawk their experience with other services and products. Endorsements pour in and opportunities are many.

Remember that it’s a business

As always, the business side is bloodthirsty and there are no guarantees of success for foodservice operations, no matter who is involved. This includes expanding one’s restaurant empire. But it is the volatile foodservice industry, and the risk adds to the appeal. Much like a scary movie.

Nonetheless, the connection between these two celebrity groups is a reflection of the similarities of the dynamic fields of entertainers/actors/professional athletes & restaurants/bars.