“Closing time, one last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer”

“Closing Time” by Semisnic

This post merits a couple of lyrics from this song along with a great scene from a well-known movie. 

Turning away customers

It’s not easy telling customers that walk into your bar that it’s already closed even though they can see people are still drinking. Last call for alcohol has occurred and the current customers are allowed time to finish their drinks.

It can be necessary to be blunt, but pleasant, and inform them that the bar is closed. You’re tired and it’s late and you don’t want to skirt the issue.

We were next door to a large country bar that closed later and there could be spill-over or customers that were tossed out, and then ended up at my doorstep after our last call. They were usually inebriated and not always pleased when they were denied service although their condition would have required not serving them anyway.

Marion has just informed some Nazis that the bar is closed. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Don’t you have a home to go to?

Now and again you get a customer, it could even be one of your regulars, that needs to be pushed out the door. Like the house guests that don’t know when to leave.

“But you can’t stay here”

“Closing Time” by Semisonic

I had to add this cartoon from “Tundra” by Chad Carpenter that was published today (May 8/9) as the timing couldn’t have been better. He does great work.

Responsible liquor service

Ushering customers out is awkward. How do you reason with someone who’s overly imbibed? Getting the customer home safely is always a priority, but a barkeep can only go so far. The customer shares in the responsibility of getting home safely. The restaurant’s/bar’s obligation is based on the licencee’s right to serve liquor.

Many bars don’t have a bouncer or security and rely on management. This is another restaurateur trait that is required: understanding human behaviour and dealing with it in a subtle but unyielding manner in the most trying conditions.