“There is no monopoly on common sense”

“Russians” by Sting

Common sense is also known as good sense with sound judgement on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

Nonsense is replacing common sense

Absurd, foolish, silly, and stupid are all words to describe nonsense. Common sense used to be relied on as a basic for everyone, including our government and business leaders who guide the decision-making process. Now it seems that one of the above definitions of nonsense is more applicable.

Can we count on common sense to prevail

Common sense used to be expected not only for individuals’ daily decisions but also for high-level authorities’ major decisions. It was a basic we could fall back on, and now even more so during these present crazy times. Sadly, it’s not something we can count on anymore.

What happened?

This simple action of making good judgements and behaving in a practical and sensible way has somehow been lost.

What drives the decisions that are being made? Head scratching is the norm now as we try to understand the goofy decisions made by smart people. Are they intelligent but ignorant? Have priorities changed?

There have always been difficult times, but the world is currently battling political, environmental, and health dilemmas that will test all of us.

Perplexing to say the least

Not only is this confusing, but now it’s depressing. I’m really hoping that good sense will prevail and be considered common again. We sure need it right now.