“Did I disappoint you? Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?”

“One” by U2

Your business fails and anyone that invested in your venture is not going to be pleased, to say the least. You feel bad, as you should.  Not only did you disappoint them, but you’ve disappointed yourself as well.

They are angry.  They had faith in you. You sold an idea, but it didn’t pan out.  It was still a risk for them as they wanted a return on their investment, but now their impression is shaken at best, no matter how hard you worked.

The bad taste lingers

Bitter best describes the investors as noted in my post: “INVESTORS THAT LOSE WILL BE BITTER.” This theme prompted me to post again about the repercussions of having to go outside to family, friends, and associates to fund your venture.

Family matters

Your pride can take a big hit as well.  If family has invested, it can damage relations which hit close to home.

Be aware

Knowing the exposure to all the potential setbacks and problems with any business venture is important. There are no guarantees and relationships can be affected in such an adverse way. Family, friends, and associates can respond differently, and their interactions with the entrepreneur can be testy, to put it mildly.

I can’t emphasize enough that when dealing with money, the game goes to a level of bitterness and resentment that is difficult to comprehend. Knowing this going in doesn’t make it any more palatable, though. Business, indeed, can be so cruel.