As I noted in my post “I HAD THE MOTIVATION CONCEPT BACKWARDS,” you need to do something, anything, if you ever want to achieve the next step in your plan and ultimately reach your goal. I’ve noted before that talk is cheap although selling your ideas and plans is still a constant in the overall process.

It doesn’t have to be big

It can be small to start with, but continue doing something that moves you closer to your goal. “Just get ‘er done!” The results are the immediate reward.

And you learn

You learn from everything you do as well. The results will alter the direction of your plans as you interpret how your actions affect your path to reaching your goal. Baby steps are still moving forward.

Don’t stop

So, continually moving ahead towards your goal requires action.  These steps are not necessarily leaps and bounds. They also add up quickly. Motivation to continue will be a plus as it’s easier to keep something in motion once it’s moving.

The right motivator

Seeing progress and learning new things is a great motivator. Inaction will keep you stagnant, frustrated, and far from your goal.