“Dreams (dreams, dreams) D-d-d-dreams (oh oh oh)”

“Dreams” by Beck

I’m not talking about the dreams that are aspirations, but the mind processes when we sleep. Entrepreneurs are always on the clock and it doesn’t end when in a deep slumber. And no, there’s no such thing as overtime for business owners/operators.

Am I just dreaming?

As noted on the MedicalNewsToday website: Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre.

As one gets older, experiences are continually added that can resurface in dreams. Some of these don’t impact daily life, but they somehow reappear in a dream.

Where did that come from?

The incomplete or unresolved experiences of my business ventures return at night in an attempt to irk me. Auspiciously, I seldom have a nightmare (a dream with fear or anxiety) that really bothers me.

Being a restaurateur provides plenty of dream fodder

As a failed restaurateur – which is something that’s still not easy to accept – I have many unsettled issues that plague me and consistently surface in my dreams. More often than not, I’m more or less on the sidelines watching my first restaurant operate rather than participating.

It’s been nearly 35 years and I still have the same type of dreams about my restaurant.  Funny though, they focus on the outlandish size of the restaurant instead of expected tasks such as cooking, hosting, bartending, & managing.

Can someone explain the dream process?

Oddly the day I started working on this post, I had the most vivid dream that night of managing my first restaurant. It revolved around adjusting the lights after we had just opened for the night. The dining room was sporadically lit and no one seemed to care. Frantically, I ran around turning on and dimming the lights while seated customers appeared oblivious.

Ignat Zaytsev/

I haven’t had such an intense flashback that I can remember. As an entrepreneur I hold these memories deeply in my soul, and writing this post has prompted them to resurface in a dream. Help me out here, Freud.

Nightmares are negligible

As I said, I don’t actually have what I would call nightmares.  I feel in control during my dreams which possess a certain level of calmness or confidence.  This may be another entrepreneurial trait that is needed to succeed in business.

What else would I dream about?

Everyone has dreams, especially about work.  Since owning and running a restaurant has a significant impact on one’s psyche, it would be assumed that I would dream about my restaurant experiences. I still can’t grasp the scope of this large restaurant I built. This continually nags me.

Though my taste of the restaurant business didn’t end well, I’m fortunate not to experience psychological indigestion in my dreams.

Not surprising, I frequently dream about this blog now. A lot. 24/7 is truer than ever when you’re an entrepreneur. You can’t escape it, even when you sleep.