“When a young man slips into his self-destructive streak”

“Where I Am Now” by Don Henley

There’s a time when a restaurateur can easily enter the zone of ruinous behaviour while operating a large dining & drinking establishment. It can be overwhelming considering the details, pace, hours, and atmosphere.

It’s still a business

Add in the business side of rent, bills, staffing, cash-flow, taxes, and you’ve got a stew that can not only give you indigestion but will burn your mouth if not controlled.

You don’t realize how your well-being is compromised by the craziness of running any business, let alone a restaurant. And if you want reap the rewards of building a fledging eatery and bar for the future, take note.

Young people think they’re indestructible. Energy and youth have that affect. As I noted in a previous post, restaurants could be considered a young man’s game.

Looking out for yourself

You need to recharge your mental batteries constantly as well as your physical self.  It’s quite demanding, especially if you’re working the front lines at both ends. You need to stay in shape as it’s a combination of sprints and a marathon.

The little details will wear you down without you even realizing it. The specifics and volume can be suffocating. Coping can come in various forms and identifying the good from the bad is a must. Easily said, but keep it all in perspective.

Remember where you work

Plus, the background of eating and drinking that surrounds you is so easy to get lost in. Your workplace is where everyone else goes to relax, imbibe, and socialize. Getting caught up in the revelry is typical. Getting carried away is not. And it’s unhealthy.

Understanding the balance and well-being, both mental and physical, that is required to maintain a successful business will bode you well in the long run. Even one as ruthless as a restaurant and bar.

A self-destructive streak can only be fixed by one person. Yourself.