“Changes, like a seed to a flower, like a boy to a man”

“So Blind” by Alan Frew

Some advice

I’m sure someone, at one time or another, told you to “Grow up!” I’m not referring to when you were a child either. The term “growing up” usually applies to personal development and is attached to our basic progression of working and socializing in a proper manner.

Similar words for growing up are develop, improve, progress, succeed.

Common sense

You could refer back to my post on common sense to appreciate that this growth isn’t a given and each person needs to put some thought and energy into nurturing it.

Fasten your seat belt

Becoming an entrepreneur will hasten one’s growth at a rate that may cause the head to spin. The cost, both financial and personal, will be devastating if business goals are not planned, understood, and controlled.

No different than a plant

Personal growth is like watering, fertilizing, and providing sunshine to enhance the growth of a plant. I had a physical growth spurt when I was a kid, then a career growth spurt when I was a young man building, owning, and operating a restaurant and bar. Add in creating and marketing a board game and the development continued.

It ain’t over…

I’d like to think that I’m still growing with this blog, albeit at a slower rate. It never ends. Nor should it.