I’ve always had some venture in the planning or creating stage since my late teens. As noted in a previous post, entrepreneurs create. I get bored easily without some project on the horizon.

“Ticking away the moments that make up the dull day”

“Time” by Pink Floyd

The frustration

Working at a job’s efficiency that can’t be improved frustrates me. Boredom sets in as well. To make the many tasks of work easier may be considered selfish, but if it increases accuracy and efficiencies, then what is the issue? Less stress adds to the wellness of the working environment and promotes job enrichment. Obviously, the job affects everyone it touches.

The business side of a school

During my 30+ year career as a business manager at Edmonton Catholic Schools, I needed to be constantly creating new ways to perform my duties. The resources and support were available, and I was not amiss to take advantage of this. There were many talented staff who possessed resources and knowhow that I could access.

Grunt work is unavoidable in the many detailed and physical components of a high school. Textbooks, bus passes, clothing, and fees require accurate, secure, and timely procedures. Further, these tasks can come in waves that can drown an inefficient operation. Fortunately, my foodservice background wouldn’t let me accept that without attempting to make it function better.

I reflected on my restaurant experience as it influenced my desire for better service to the students, parents, and staff. My staff and I enjoyed performing our duties that much more as well. We even had time to mingle and chat with these three dynamic aforementioned groups while providing the school’s services.

This blog requires constant attention

Publishing this blog requires many components. Keeping track of these and maintaining the various tasks prompted me to establish efficient and accurate procedures. Retirement can be boring, and this blog came to my rescue. I wasn’t ready to sit back just yet.


The investment to create new and better methods is stimulating. Plus, the payback is continual. Enjoying the job as best as one can is the goal. The question to continually ask is, “Isn’t there a better way to do this?”

If there’s one thing I learned about the restaurant biz, it’s seldom boring. But it doesn’t have to end there. My school board experience showed me that. Now this blog…