CREATE: design, build, devise, invent, originate, compose, conceive, imagine

As noted in my Sept 21/2021 post – DO YOU RIDE THE WAVE OR CREATE IT?

More than money

As much as I wanted to make money as an entrepreneur, my desire to create something has always had a value that I can’t quantify.

I have always enjoyed designing methods and procedures, or finding a better way in which to perform a task. Efficiency was always an incentive. Taking a process to another level of effectiveness has always intrigued me.

A perfect setting to create

I was hired as a business manager in a high school with 900 students where there were thousands of books to lend and a myriad of school fees.

The school textbook and fee system was quite archaic, and I knew it was going to be easy to improve on it. Book rental tracking was originally on cards and school fees were recorded on a cash register. I couldn’t believe how inefficient these processes were. They were so easy to improve upon. This was the late 1980s and computers were just starting to make inroads into administering a school system. The programs that the school tech and I created with the school board were a bonus to my career as a school business manager. I was able to convince the other high schools to participate, both financially and procedurally.

Reducing the time spent performing the daily school functions with increased accuracy was my continual goal along with the ability to create reports for students, parents, and staff.

Isn’t there a better way?

Being curious is a trait that leads one to question or wonder about a better way to do something. It’s what got us out of the caves.

New is a word that is associated with create, and I like to know that there are better methods to perform tasks. I hate spinning my tires.

Not done yet

The Duck Soup board game is my latest venture. The pursuit of the online version will satisfy my need to still create.