“Game over man, game over”

Bill Paxton’s plea from the movie Aliens.

“This is the end”

“The End” by The Doors

Don’t choke on these words

Your business is faltering and you hear that logical voice in your head saying, “This is the end.” 

These jarring words are difficult to digest, but they can’t be ignored. Business isn’t going well at all financially, and there is no possibility of an eleventh hour miracle. The realization that the aspiration of a financially stable and successful business venture is now over.

Acceptance is difficult

It’s game over. It’s not easy accepting this fate via the bankruptcy trustees. Bailing water out of a boat with too many holes and trying to keep it afloat is challenging, let alone attempting to plug the holes.

When does an owner accept that his venture is not going to succeed? Wounds need to be licked before there is movement forward. Throwing good money after bad is unwise. Although it’s tough to walk away, the sooner it’s done, the sooner recovery can commence.