“The future’s so bright, I got to wear shades”

“The Future’s So Bright” by Timbuk 3

Nothin’ better

There’s nothing better than anticipating that the future is going to be bright.

A budding entrepreneur looks ahead and is drawn to the belief that he is doing something that will eventually benefit his life and many others as well.

I wonder…

As I noted in my post about daydreaming, to wonder and contemplate one’s future endeavours is the start. The possibilities are enticing.

One cannot focus on only the future. The past provides the experience, although the present is most significant. The combination and balance of the three is so important as noted in my post about where an entrepreneur’s mindset must be.

Looking ahead with a positive attitude creates the excitement and drive that will allow an entrepreneur to work through the roadblocks and ever-evident stumbles that will occur. Another post I published notes the three steps of dreams, goals, and action.

An entrepreneur is anxious about the business possibilities available and will not rest until this need is satisfied. That’s the spirit that is the catalyst as I’ve noted in this post.

Don’t push me

Rather than being pushed, an entrepreneur is pulled. The sunny days are to be enjoyed but watch out for storm clouds off in the distance.