Also known as: cash, bread, dough, loot, green, boodle, bucks, gravy, mazuma, moola, shekels, dinero…

Say it in a song

Many songs have been written about money. Which of these songs best echoes the insatiable quest for money? Money drives the world, as callous as that sounds. It’s also sad to think what some people will do for money.

“money money money money, money”

“For the Love of Money” by The O’Jays

“Did your money make you better?”

“The Wall Street Shuffle” by 10CC

“Now give me money, (That’s what I want)”

“Money (That’s What I Want)” by The Beatles

The priority

To be truly honest, isn’t making money the end-all in the pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur? For many it is, but I refer back to my post “Who Wants To Be His Own Boss?” Even though a business may not be making gobs of money, being in control is so enticing for many. However, the control comes from making the almighty buck and the elimination of financial burden.

As the saying goes “Money can’t buy health or happiness.” For most entrepreneurs, it can buy happiness, as shallow as that is.

Don’t get lost

However, losing focus on the pride and satisfaction of operating a profitable and respected business will be a mistake. Money should be a natural by-product of a well-run venture. Granted, money is the easiest way to keep score in the game of business.