“I ain’t no wise man, but I ain’t no fool. And I believe that Mother Nature is taking us to school”

“Praying For Rain” by Don Henley

Climate change is real. Scientists think so and I don’t believe they have a secret agenda. They have nothing to gain from their warnings.

So what’s Mother Nature’s issue with us?

Pollution has been a continuing dilemma for decades with no end in sight. The burning of fossil fuels is poisoning our air and cannot be denied. Garbage everywhere, especially the oceans. There are changes on the horizon though, one being the advent of electric vehicles. And that’s just the start.

Scientists attribute the global warming trend to the human expansion of the greenhouse effect. This results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space. The warming of Earth’s atmosphere is due to the buildup of heat-trapping gases due to pollutants, such as carbon dioxide and methane.

It’s time to look in a mirror

I know that climate change is going to occur with or without the human race affecting it. I get it. What I don’t get is the denial that we’re accelerating the problem. The incredible contrast between the droughts and floods is mind boggling. The calamities we’ll be facing in the near future will only get worse if we don’t change course and the effects will be irreversible. Mother Nature is responding destructively as she’s not happy. Don’t poop in your own nest is advice that we keep ignoring.

So who do you listen to?

When I need advice on my heart condition, I go to my cardiologist, not my accountant. The business community does have an agenda and commerce is its priority. So when these nay-sayers question the validity of climate change, I question their motive.

Mankind hasn’t been kind to the earth and there will be repercussions. I really thought we humans were smarter than this. We should act like parents, not kids. We need to eat our vegetables and curb the intake of candy. I’m embarrassed to be part of this naive group.

The solutions are many and need to be implemented now

Solar energy, windmills, batteries, etc. There is a myriad of possible solutions that should improve how we live and maintain an atmosphere that’s conducive to life. I admit that there are problems with each of these solutions. Nothing is really problem free.

But our pompous attitude and disrespect for Mom and the environment and the life she provides is ludicrous. Talk about arrogance.

“Maybe we just took too much and put too little back. It isn’t knowledge, it’s humility we lack”

“Praying For Rain” by Don Henley

In which direction are we proceeding?

Society is making advances. I can still remember when smoking was permitted almost anywhere. And seatbelts weren’t mandatory. So, there is hope.

Are we, as a species, going to progress or regress? I believe that we’re slowly moving in the right direction, but we must pick up the pace. Otherwise our grandkids are going to chastise us, and rightly so. “What were you thinking?” will be their logical question.