Don’t be nasty

First, some housekeeping. There’s a rider on the shared content: Don’t be malicious or offensive. Yeah, it’s a tough and crazy industry, but like a good entrée or dessert, I don’t want it to be too bitter or too sweet.

Throw me a bone. I want to share my experiences and have restaurant entrepreneurs share theirs on this blog…but, be kind. It’s easy in the restaurant business—more so than most businesses—to be nasty. 

“Ahh, That is nasty!” – Eddie Murphy

So be professional. If you don’t like what the blog serves up, move on. This could be enlightening, and sometimes amusing, considering the unexpected that occurs in any restaurant.

What to expect from this blog

My posts will generally be short and to the point and the schedule is to publish posts every Tuesday & Friday. To get the viewer to ponder about the topic in hindsight or foresight is the goal.

Song Bites

I’ll frequently attach song bites as music lyrics have spawned certain posts. Check Music Info in the blog’s menu for more on each song. Of course, this is in addition to videos and pictures.

There’ll be a Question & Answer post every week about food & drink and everything in-between (information & trivia) to keep you thinking.
3 types – True/False OR Multiple-Choice with 3 OR 4 choices.


Some posts require more than one article and will be part of a mini-series with a theme, such as construction.

What is your opinion?

I’ll also include CTAs (Calls to Action) to solicit comments on a variety of restaurant/entrepreneurial topics.

Finally, there will be a recurring feature called The Quack. This will be my personal vent where I release of some of my repressed feelings, mostly on foodservice topics, though other topical items may pop up.