It’s a wild ride that only gets more intense when there are no brakes to slow down the ride. Late nights, food, and booze are not for the timid.  The volatility is something else: exciting, scary, & financially dangerous, all at the same time.

The attitude that “I can do this” and the resolve required will make the ride more enjoyable. Fearless is a term I’ve used in a prior post: BEING FEARLESS CAN’T HURT, CAN IT? It’s a trait that is needed, but must be tempered.

It can take your breath away as noted in my post: REMEMBER TO BREATHE. There is little down-time when an operator can catch his breath.

A roller coaster is a comparable ride as I noted in this post: ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS. The anxiety of owning and operating a restaurant/bar has its ups & downs. Hopefully, the ups are frequent and the downs are minimal. But this is a fast-paced business so you need to hang on tight.

“Out of this world” best describes owning a restaurant, and some of my blog posts reinforce this.