Psychobabble is a buzzword that gives the impression that the author lacks the experience and understanding to be taken seriously. This is too prevalent today with social media.

“Psychobabble, all psychobabble”

“Psychobabble” by The Alan Parsons Project

The audacity of it

I wonder about the audacity I have to offer therapeutic advice with this blog. Does my knowledge and experience allow me to advise anyone on being a restaurant entrepreneur? I hope so. At least a little bit.

A willing participant

I’m probably participating in psychobabble to a degree as defined by the Urban Dictionary as I was a business major and have minimal education in psychology. I do rely on my experience and emotion to back up some of my posts that are loosely categorized as therapy. But I don’t intend to be trite as there is an unspoken seriousness to the mental well-being of any individual, no matter what career chosen. And a bit of humour is always welcome.

My original goal

If just one person gains some perspective from my posts on what he may be getting himself involved in as a restaurateur, either by learning to cope or somehow soothing the hurt from a failed business, then I’ve accomplished what I have set out to do.

It isn’t all psychobabble to me.