I refer back to my post: What Season of Life Do You Think You’re In?

In hindsight

Thinking back to the victories and setbacks of being an entrepreneur is never-ending. Reflection can be considered an exercise in sanity, which can be defined as to think and behave in a normal and rational manner.

It’s a roller coaster

The highs and lows can feel like a roller coaster of emotion. Not overthinking is key though, as one cannot get carried away. What if? What could have been? It can drive an entrepreneur crazy.

Mistakes are going to happen. How someone responds is elemental to recovery. The initial commitment requires serious action.

Looking in the mirror

I reflect on what I learned and how I proceeded. Not as a restaurateur but as an entrepreneur. The road has been bumpy, yet exciting, and my mental well-being is sound. Not an easy trip. Remaining objective in the way my endeavours played out is a must.


I’ve come to terms with the path and where I am now.  Publishing a blog as well as attempting to have my game developed into an online version has required me to focus on the future.

However, looking forward is better when I reflect on where I’ve been and what’ I’ve done. The exercise is rewarding and soothes my soul. At the same time it is not an easy thing to do.