“Regrets, I’ve had a few”

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra

Regretting becoming a restaurateur could be easy as my ventures failed resulting in financial costs that were beyond what I had ever contemplated.

I coulda been a contender

Many people, as they get older, regret not doing something that may have been dubious for whatever reason. It could be a personal or a career decision. They played it safe, but now it eats at them as they reflect on what could have been. Too often they’re overly hard on themselves; the hurt doesn’t go away easily.

Circumstances come into play

Some couldn’t proceed further because they didn’t have the financing as it was a business venture. Circumstances obviously play an important part as well as individual and financial situations dictating the direction and magnitude of a career move.

A high price to pay

Many people have significant regrets later in life. Well, do I? I do regret certain mistakes as you can imagine. I did learn a lot from my restaurant career though, but the costs were too high. Despite this, I don’t regret going into the restaurant business. It propelled me to become an entrepreneur and open the door to experiences that not many people have the opportunity to encounter. It also provided the backdrop to appreciate the key components of being an entrepreneur.

Like no other industry

There’s arguably no other industry that allows the proprietor the chance to meet so many dynamic people. This includes the people that work in the various aspects from the construction (including design), operations (accounting, legal, health board), services (kitchen equipment, food, liquor), and the eclectic group of people that work in the industry (cooks, servers, bartenders). Then there’s the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of customers that encompasses a wide range of interesting & prestigious people.

The Perks

The environment provides the setting to meet and chat with some of these dynamic individuals. Making connections that translate into future business deals is not uncommon. I know because it happened to me.

The perks associated with the industry such as field trips to wineries and culinary trade shows based on this career path was more than I could have imagined. And that’s just a few examples.  Being a foodservice professional definitely has its benefits.

Adding up the good & bad

I tallied up the good and bad. Even with all the financial hurt and a few related regrets, I don’t lament becoming a restaurateur. Despite the fact it took some time to come to terms with that life-altering decision, I realize my life’s path is richer because of it.