“You must be crazy or half insane”

“You’re Insane” by Rod Stewart

Say what?

Don’t get upset, but if you tell someone that you want to open a restaurant and bar, the response “You must be crazy or half insane” could be what you hear. They may not say it in those exact words, nonetheless, it’s what they’re probably thinking.

Any venture with a substantial commitment of money and time will bring out the doubters. A restaurant, especially an upscale dining one, is layered with so many details. Nights, weekends, food, booze. It’s a business venture that will consume the entrepreneur. No pun intended.

The enticement

Logical thinking is not a trait normally associated with entrepreneurs. In fact, insane comes to mind. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines insane as “exhibiting a severely disordered state of mind.” This definition in my context presents food for thought as entrepreneurs are a combination of adventurers, thrill-seekers, and businesspeople wanting to make a buck, a lot of bucks.