I will be using music lyrics frequently in my posts to further enhance both the post’s theme and the message.

Many of the song bites I use actually inspired the posts. Since I’m only grabbing a snippet of the lyrics, they can be taken out of context for my purpose. These are my take on a particular line.  A music lyric can sum it up, say it all.  In one line.

I just can’t get it out of my head

Consider the earworm. Adding an unforgettable melody to words creates that powerful feature. It impacts a nerve. It’s sound candy.

Short and sweet

Some people know all the words to many songs. For me, there is generally one or two lines of lyrics that stick. I want to share some of them and how they have influenced me in some of my headlines and topics. They allow me to emphasize my point. There is more info on each song lyric on my Music Info page.

I’m sure almost everyone has some song lyrics that have a special meaning. What was going on in a person’s life at the time (relationships, career, etc.) adds to the significance of the words. How it helped navigate a rough patch in life or recall a joyful period. I associate with both.