There are not many business ventures that an individual can be successful at alone, such as a hot dog stand.

The people

An entrepreneur needs good people to work with, be it the hired staff, the lawyer and/or the accountant who provide their specialized services.  These talented individuals offer expertise, so listen to them. Not only will they help goals be achieved, but they will maintain the focus on the necessary tasks. My post, Runnin’ With The Big Dogs, emphasizes this.


Trustworthiness is extremely important. I was lucky to have my two older brothers in the kitchen as a kitchen manager and an executive chef.  Although this didn’t help in the dining room as they had no understanding of that area, a smaller establishment would have allowed me to show them the ropes in the front-end.  This would have made it easier in my absence. Fortunately, my floor manager was experienced and dependable.

Identifying good people and recruiting them for a venture is a difficult task. What is offered to them along with what their personal goals are instrumental in establishing a solid working relationship.