I’m not ready for a full retirement. Yet.

Isn’t this when we enjoy and reap the benefits of a long and fruitful work life, also known as a rewarding career? After either attending post-secondary school or working for the last 50 years, to now end this commitment is a wake-up-call, no matter how I approach it.

Never a dull moment

I consider that most of my careers were working in fast-paced and dynamic settings. If it wasn’t the foodservice industry, it was in the education sector surrounded by students. The energy level in both was high and infectious.

Add in the development of a board game and the subsequent door closing on entrepreneurship, and it’s bit of a shock. To go from a speedway to a country road takes some assimilation.

Not ready

Especially since I’m not ready or interested in a rocking chair, a part-time job at an upscale liquor store fills the gap. Thank goodness for this blog and the potential development of an online game. Now the off-ramp doesn’t mean the end of the road, but a bit of a thought-provoking diversion.