There is an exhilaration when you realize that becoming an entrepreneur is going to happen. Becoming your own boss is a heady feeling.

It begins

“Only the beginning, only just the start”

“Beginnings” by Leonid & Friends (Chicago cover)

It’s just the beginning and it’s all ahead of you. It’s like the start of a highly anticipated trip that’s been planned for so long.

I can do this

As I considered and then pursued the opportunity to become an entrepreneur as a restaurateur, there came that moment when I realized, “I can do this.” I had acquired sufficient skills and access to the required funds to proceed further.

It was exhilarating and a bit scary at the same time. The adrenalin pulsed as I began my quest to operate my own business. Confidence is important but it can work both ways as overconfidence/cockiness is a trait that needs to be tempered.

The view may be skewed

The journey can be imagined and of course you see it with rose-coloured glasses. Reality hasn’t set in yet. The first taste is so sweet, but beware of the potential bitterness when things go sour.