“Who’s gonna drive you home. Tonight?

“Drive You Home” by The Cars


It’s cool to own and operate a restaurant or bar. Not only do movies make the scene look sexy, but it’s also generally a place where patrons can relax. In addition to music and lots of mingling adding to the atmosphere, it’s easy for customers to overindulge.

However, it’s the management’s responsibility to ensure that people don’t drink & drive. Staff must be aware of this obligation and be trained to handle this task without any fanfare. Further, while it’s never easy to cut someone off (no more alcohol), management must intervene when necessary.


Even then, it doesn’t take much drinking for someone to go over the maximum legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit. Check the different laws for your area (.05 in Alberta).

Going home

The question is “How are you getting home?” Insurance companies that offer liability insurance would hope that your staff & management are diligent. With the addition of services like Uber along with taxis and public transit, it’s never been easier to provide ways to get home.

Make it stress-free for the patrons to access these services by acquiring the ride for them. It is the restaurant’s responsibility.