Entrepreneurs have a restless spirit that envelopes them.  It’s that continual spark that keeps the fire burning for new ventures.  It’s easy to feed; the kindling is developing the next business idea. It delivers the life sought.

There was always a venture in the works

I’ve had some form of business venture to pursue since I was 18 (my father’s business was the first one, which didn’t pan out) and when one venture died, it was replaced by another one.  There has always been one on the go.

Creating something is the stimulus

Mundane activities bore me. I work to create something that satisfies the entrepreneurial spirit. I need to see the results of my efforts and hope that they will be appreciated by others.

I either want to create something new or improve on a product or service, moving ahead one way or another.

Take this spirit and apply it elsewhere

I even applied this outlook to my career in public service as a business manager for a school district. I was constantly searching for a better way to perform my job and provide services for which I was responsible. Working in tandem with an IT specialist, we were able to implement programs that streamlined the numerous daily functions of a busy high school.

Unfortunately, this resulted in the IT specialist being promoted and moved to Central Office. This happened twice. The techs didn’t expect to be rewarded, but they possessed that entrepreneurial spirit as well and were just as excited as I was to create a better process. These team efforts, nonetheless, were fulfilling.

I’ve always had trouble standing pat on processes that could be made better. Not only did these advancements make my job easier, they made it more enjoyable.

This didn’t necessarily result in me making a buck although I did receive a Xerox Innovation Award that was almost as satisfying. Indeed, rewards come in various forms.

And this restless spirit prevails as I tackle this blog. It’s a hard-hitting game but still fun. I just have to hold on to the ball.