“Wasted all those years”

“Holding Back The Years” by Simply Red

Really, are experiences ever wasted?

It’s the greatest form of learning, discovering, and moving forward. One learns from the good and the bad.

What if…

I wonder at times what my career path would have been if I hadn’t owned and operated a restaurant.

The Question

Did I waste those years?  Could I have been more successful at another venture? Or should I have stayed out of the entrepreneurial pool entirely?

More than an education

What I learned was beyond any education I could have acquired. I refer to my post on Anthony Bourdain. I applied this wealth of experience not to just my career but my personal life as well. Looking back, it was a rich experience. Maybe that’s an inadequate choice of words regarding the financial aspect.

It’s a small club with a substantial fee to be a member. Did I get a good return on my dues? The jury is still out on that question.

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