The people. Definitely, the people.

The people

The dynamics of the restaurant industry dictate that a restaurateur will meet an eclectic group of people, including politicians, professional athletes, actors, and the movers & shakers of society.

There are not many commercial venues that provide the setting of serving food and alcohol, day and night. The customers and staff are varied and offer a wide array of interactions.

The people that support the foodservice industry from all the various sectors, such as the cooks, servers, bartenders, bussers, support staff, trades, agents, accountants, lawyers, sales, etc., are numerous and engaging.

The setting

There’s a rewarding and warm feeling one gets when hosting a dinner at home.  That’s why our mothers and grandmothers take such pride in this pastime.

The setting is also important. Providing food and drink is so rewarding. A beautiful dining room and bar provide the escape from the day-to-day routine. Add in the right background music and the scene is set. This is what separates us from the animals. 

The reward

The satisfaction on customer’s faces when they would leave was my immediate reward.  Being a part of an efficient and well-run operation provided the buzz. The restaurant business’s attachment to the entertainment aspect lends itself to having some interesting characters working in it as well. Obviously, operating a restaurant and bar is more than just food and beverage service; in fact, “breaking bread” is an applicable term.  Indeed, the social scene is invigorating. 

I served, worked, and interacted with some very fascinating people. And the people I met from all walks of life was my bonus. I enjoyed it beyond belief.

It’s not over

I currently work part-time at a Wine and Beyond store and the people, both staff and customers, are the most enjoyable aspect of this job. The staff are knowledgeable and the customers are an array of inquisitive imbibers.