“Can I handle the seasons of my life?”

“Landslide” by The Chicks

This post is targeted at my own age group (Autumn). Until you enter this period in your life, it’s just not something you think about. That doesn’t mean that it’s pointless to do so. Reflection is a good thing at any time.

  • SPRING – grow & mature (0-20)
  • SUMMER – build & work (20-50)
  • AUTUMN – sit back & enjoy (50-70)
  • WINTER – age catches up (70+)

I don’t relate a specific age group to any one season as that’s too simple. The list above is really just a basic starting guideline.  It’s a frame of reference and interaction with the world determines it. Views change dramatically in hindsight as we age.

In retrospect…

When I was in my 40s, I never imagined that in my mid-60s I’d still be in the autumn of my life. I continue to build and create although I now control my hours of work and what I do. The effort that goes into publishing a blog along with the sense of accomplishment is energizing. You know what? I’m still a contributor to society and it’s rewarding.

There are interesting seasonal terms such as “spring chicken” and “dead of winter” that offer another understanding of the seasons.  Sometimes a blunt approach is needed for full effect.

Hell, there’s still stormy weather to endure no matter what the season is.

It is personal

My view of life’s seasons is obviously my personal slant. The years have crept up on me and now I have banked enough time to ponder life’s seasons.


Spring is most likely from birth until young adulthood. Education and career predominate.


“On the summer side of life”

“Summer Side of Life” by Gordon Lightfoot

Being active and productive in society is summer’s focus. Energy level, experience, and interactions dictate how long summer is. Learning and applying this adds to growth.


Autumn is the approach to retirement. Part-time work in something else may appeal. There is still a chance to get out there before the snow flies and be contributing while experiencing enjoyment. 


Winter is a time to step back and really relax. Unfortunately, age and health can hinder this as these are not controllable. Conversely winter can still be a long and peaceful period. 

Personal perception of the life cycle of seasons really tells much about an individual. An entrepreneur doesn’t enter the winter season most often until much later as the dream is still being lived.