“Cause I’m in need of some restraint”

“Sympathy For The Devil” by The Rolling Stones

This tastes good

You taste some success. Your ambition and drive take over, and you want to expand and grow now. Conversely, you must take a breath and restrain yourself.

Jim Carrey in “The Mask”

Do it again

It’s not easy to duplicate your accomplishments, even if they’re similar to what you’ve already done. Talent and hard work sometimes require some luck to achieve your goals.

Expanding your business too soon can cause problems for your successful venture, and more so if you’re the key to its success. An owner can’t be everywhere, especially in the detailed operation of a fast-paced upscale foodservice industry with extended hours.

Restraint is not easy; you’re an entrepreneur after all. Despite this, self-discipline should always be considered before venturing too far, too quickly. I refer to my post “BEING FEARLESS DOESN’T HURT, CAN IT?”

Slow down

The ability to slow things down, step back, and re-evaluate the business must never be neglected. The possibility of losing at the food & drink game is unrelenting. Maybe it’s part of the attraction for risk-takers.

Thinking you can’t lose is not the right type of thinking. You risk losing the successes already enjoyed. No one is immune to failure, and the results can be devastating.