It’s my wife

My wife is a tremendous cook. She tries new recipes and cuisines continually (thank you, Internet) which keeps the variety flowing.

The Jenn-Air Range & Oven

She uses the finest ingredients and utilizes the right utensils and appliances. We even remodelled our kitchen so she could cook/bake with ease. Luckily, I’m the prime beneficiary.

I take my job seriously as the chief taster and reviewer/critic although I choose my words carefully. 

The ingredients

The availability of all kinds of ingredients (produce, spices, oils & vinegars) has opened the door to experimentation on an adventurous level.  As they say, variety is the spice of life. We are so fortunate for many stores which offer all kinds of products (T&T Supermarket, Italian Centre Shop, H-Mart, Real Canadian Superstore).

Furthermore, when we do dine out, she’ll come home and google the dishes so she can try her own version of them at home.


It is surprising that an ex-restaurateur would be content not to dine out more often.  I understand that I made my living off people dining out. However, retirement has altered our culinary escapades, and thanks to my wife and her gastronomic talent, we don’t miss the restaurant scene as much.