“Using words as ammunition”

“Violin” by Amos Lee

The proliferation of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. has demonstrated how opinions/information has integrated so easily into our daily lives. Words, written and spoken, permeate these various platforms and their impact cannot be ignored.

Hopefully, the bad is offset by the good. Anyone with a computer and internet access can attack enemies, but also protect friends & beliefs. Words can travel the globe instantly and reach almost everyone. Powerful is an understatement.

No boundaries

There seems to be few boundaries and virtually anyone can seamlessly inform the world of his views and opinions. It is not just what is said, but how it is said. Taking it all in with a grain of salt and filtering what one reads is necessary to keep a proper perspective.

Words can hurt more and reach a greater audience than anything else. Further, words can promote the good while shooting down the cruel statements. The gun is loaded.