I had the great opportunity to work at Edmonton Catholic Schools in a department that administered Indigenous Learning Services. My interest as an entrepreneur was further enhanced by my career at ECS as noted in my post – I WAS A HIGH SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER.

My job

Although my main duties were in administration, the Indigenous Learning Services staff embraced and provided me with interactions and insight.

The many experiences

Events such as the annual Pow Wow displayed their ethnicity on a scale and scope that was entertaining and uplifting. My administrative involvement allowed me to meet most of the participants and appreciate their culture.

The opportunity to participate in a Peace Pipe ceremony was spiritual and humbling. The Elders brought a calmness that was all encompassing.

My employer, Edmonton Catholic Schools, entered into an agreement to provide services for THE MOUNTAIN CREE CAMP SCHOOL KISIKO AWASIS. The background for this camp is notable for the Indigenous people as it has not been recognized by the Federal Government, but Alberta Education determined its responsibility to provide an education for the students.  I visited it once and was so impressed by the overall operation. It should be noted that this camp is in the middle of nowhere.

The people

There are so many incredibly talented and vibrant women and men I have met and worked with in the Indigenous community. I’m a richer person for it.